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Home bred, hand tame, very friendly Winter White Russian hamsters available for sale and also free for adoption.

Winters Whites are available weekly at present.

I am only selling single individuals as although both breeds will live in pairs or groups it is not a certainty that two individuals, even from the same litter, will live together and tolerate each other. In my experience it is rare to get same sex pairs to stay together, fights are common and can be fatal or very costly in veterinary treatment afterwards.

Winter White Hamsters have a much friendlier temperament than Syrian Hamsters, having bred all 3 I have never been bitten by Robs or Winters but have by several Syrians.

Prospective purchasers will need to bring a suitable cage with them when they come to choose their pet. I am happy to travel to meet buyers and will bring a choice of hamsters as I feel its very important that the hamster and buyer are well suited. If I have to travel there will be a nominal charge for petrol which I will agree with you in advance.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me through my email address or by calling 01625 669957 and I will be very happy to help. I will also be available for help and advice following your purchase.

Please look through my site for advice on looking after your Hamster to keep them healthy and happy including Hamsters and beating the credit crunch ( a few suggestions on setting up a hamsters home and keeping hamsters more cheaply).

please go to my blog to check current availability

Thank you for looking at my site and I look forward to hearing from you.

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